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The AED that talks back...what a great idea!
Feedback that helps you do CPR right...

Why buy the ZOLL AED Plus Package? 
CPR coaching and feedback
Single-piece electrode pads with five year shelf-life
Uses inexpensive consumer batteries
Extremely water resistant
Available in semi-automatic or fully-automatic configurations
Full resuscitation process guidance
Perfect for novice rescuers in businesses, churches, and public locations of all kinds
ECG display upgrade available for medical professionals

The ZOLL AED Plus is more than just an AED, it's a CPR coach, too! That's the "Plus". Imagine having an AED with a tool built in which guides you through the entire resuscitation with feedback to make sure you do everything right. No other AED offers this!

AED Plus Usage & CPR
The use of an AED is a critical component of CPR. This means you or your rescue team will have to perform chest compressions on your patient before and after you've delivered life-saving shocks. During an emergency like this it might be a challenge remembering all the proper steps of CPR. But there's no need to worry. The ZOLL AED Plus offers clear voice prompts, visuals, and text display throughout the entire process.
ZOLL AED Plus Package
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