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The Defibtech Lifeline AEDs

These new Defibtech AEDs have a full-color video screen.
The Defibtech Lifeline models have more detailed voice prompts including CPR coaching, full text prompting, a smaller, single battery pack, and the video screen. Now with a full 8-year factory warranty.

As the loud-and-clear voice prompts guide you through the rescue sequence, the full-color video screen "walks" you by visually showing video snippets of each step. If there's ever a doubt, simply watch the example on the 3" x 2.25" video screen.

Have you heard of the "hands-only" CPR method lay-rescuers are taught? Or do you perform CPR the "traditional" way with both chest compressions and rescue breathing? The Defibtech Lifeline models are the only AEDs on the market that allows you to switch between the AHA approved "hands only" or AHA guidelines for rescue breathing and compressions to fit your preferred CPR style.

These AEDs are pediatric capable. When the pediatric pads are attached the unit automatically switches to pediatric video showing anterior-posterior pad placement and a child animation.
• Offers professional responders, in addition to the AED mode, a display mode that shows the ECG.
• Includes Real Time Protocol Selection, which enables switching between rescue protocols without missing a beat. Protocols can be upgraded in the field, when needed, in a matter of minutes.

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