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Water Safety Consulting Pool Management

​​​Water Safety Consulting & Pool Management, LLC 

Pool Management Packages

Packages are Customizable by each Client

​​ CPO Services

Full Pool Management ​​

Lifeguard(s) Only

Pool Cleaning
AED Annual Servicing
  1. Full Pool Management
    Includes: *Lifeguard(s) during operating hours *Pool Cleaning *CPO Services *Minor Pool Maintenance & Repairs *Seasonal Opening & Closing *Required Pool Permits & Licenses
  2. CPO Services
    Includes: *Water Testing *Chemical/Water Balancing *Pool Cleaning (if desired) *Backwashing as needed *Minor Pool Preventative Maintenance (if desired)
  3. Lifeguard(s) Only
    Includes: *Fully certified and permitted (where required) lifeguard(s) *Continuing education/professional development of lifeguard(s) *CPR/AED certification course for up to two of client staff members
  1. Pool Cleaning
    Includes (as often as client desires): *Skimming *Vacuuming *Cleaning out skimmer baskets
  2. Seasonal Pool Opening & Closing
    Includes: *Removal/Installation of pool cover *First full cleaning *Initial Water Balancing & Chemicals *Removal/Insertion of needed plugs/stoppers *Installation/Breakdown of client deck equipment *Start Up/Winterizing pumps/heaters/etc
  1. AED Annual Servicing
    Includes: *Pick up of AED machine *Annual required servicing of machine *Delivery of AED machine *Certificate of Service


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